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As a lifestyle photography company we produce images focusing on authenticity and natural light. Our services include production, video and post-production.
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About us

As a lifestyle photography company

we produce images focusing on authenticity

and natural light. We offer production,

video and photography services.

Hi, I’m Julie,

the founder of AsYouAre images

For the last 5 years, I’ve specialized in commercial lifestyle photography.

At As You Are images, our goal is simple: imagery that is authentic and full of light. By shooting with real people of all sizes and ethnic background we aim to represent the real world we live in.

Our values

Responsible images:

We believe that the images we distribute have an impact on those who see them. Here’s how we pride ourselves in producing responsible imagery.


Authenticity: We work with real people of all ethnicities and age in real environments

Real bodies: We don’t work with underweight models because we believe that they don’t represent a healthy standard for viewers

Ethical retouching: We NEVER alter body shapes. We do remove temporary imperfection like stray hair or pimples but we believe that shapes and expression lines are part of the human charm, wouldn’t you agree?

Our Quality standard:

Quality is key. In order to deliver images that look great at any size we use top of the line cameras and lenses.


Photography: We work with Nikon D810 with Sigma and Niko prime lenses


Video: We shoot 4K video using the Sony A6500. Stay tunes for more video content.


We give back

For the last five years, Julie Francoeur and the As You Are images team has been part of the Compassionate Eye Foundation’s project. By volunteering to create and shoot a stock photography project, we can raise royalties and money to help fund education, health and community development projects in developing countries.

It's such a wonderful feeling to know that through your art and through your craft you can actually affect bigger causes.

Julie Francoeur
Founder of As You Are images

Our images have been featured by: