AYA Images | Montreal Commercial Photography Services
We offer both exclusive and trade photoshoots for small businesses of the greater Montreal area. We also offer ready to licence rights-free images.
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A team that feels like family

In 2014, I founded AsYouAre Images. As the head photographer and founder, I wanted to be surrounded by positive, kickass collaborators (models, assistants, second photographers, retouchers, office assistant). That’s why the AsYouAre crew is formed of me (wearing many hats) and passionate, loving, and creative freelancers – no fuss, no divas! Together, we form a positive and energetic team, working in together to co-create images with soul.

If you have a vision, we’ll make it happen. We’ll take care of the many, many steps required to get the photography your business will love to use.

Before the photoshoot

 Free Consultation

 Location scouting

 Photo proposal

 Casting of models

 Wardrobe styling

 Props styling

During the photoshoot




 Art direction

 Lighting setup

 Set production

After the photoshoot

 Transfer & Backup

 Management of legal documents

 Color Calibration

 Image selection


 Image delivery

Our Values

Our Quality standard:

Quality is key. In order to deliver images that look great at any size we use top of the line cameras and lenses.


Photography: We work with full-frame Sony a7R III camera with Sigma and prime lenses

Video: We shoot 4K video using a stabilizing gimbal. Stay tuned for more video content.

Aerial photography: Using a small but mighty Drone, we can produce 4k footage with a unique perspective.

Responsible images:

We believe that the images we distribute have an impact on those who see them. Here’s how we pride ourselves in producing responsible imagery.


Authenticity: We work with real people of all ethnicities and age in real environments

Real bodies: We don’t work with underweight models because we believe that they don’t represent a healthy standard for viewers

Ethical retouching: We NEVER alter body shapes. We do remove temporary imperfection like stray hair or pimples but we believe that shapes and expression lines are part of the human charm, so why remove them?!

Commercial photography


Are you looking for great exclusive images for your business? Contact us about a custom photoshoot. We will take care of casting, planning, shooting and retouching to deliver the best quality images.


Half-day shoots start at 650$CAD

Full day shoots start at 1000$CAD

Trade photoshoot


Are you a small business with a great location? We are constantly looking for real locations for our next stock photoshoot. We will take care of casting, planning, shooting and retouching and offer you professional imagery free of charge in exchange of the access to your space.

If you’d like to know if your business of location can receive a complimentary photoshoot, please send us a few pictures of your space as well as relevant links like your website and Facebook and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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