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Are you a photographer looking to build a professional portfolio?
Earn continous money from your art?
Free your time and move away from “overwork” mode?


Get started today with some free ressources

Hi, I’m Julie

Founder of AsYouAre images

Picture of Julie Francoeur, founder of As You Are Images and Montreal-based stock photographer

IT’S A PLEASURE TO MEET YOU! I will be your guide on this creative journey to stock photography. While I have been an artist my whole life, I began my journey as a photographer in 2012. Through hard work, perseverance and some good luck karma, I successfully learned to master stock photography.


If you are an artist first, a passionate person and new at the business of photography, I am here to help you.


I began just like you, doubting whether this was the right way to turn. Since I kicked doubt in the butt, I have travelled the world, learnt from others, and I now make a full-time passive income working part-time, when I want and where I want. I spend my life between my beautiful apartment in Montreal and taking pictures all over the globe, from the windswept shores of Cape Town to the trendy hotspots of Berlin.


I can help you follow a path of your own. Create success on your own term. Make your art your freedom.


Now, let me to show you the way!

Free Courses



Yep! completly FREE, because artist are the best  🙂


If you are here, you are most likely an artist who is working your ass off to CREATE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHY and yet lack a means to MONETIZE YOUR CRAFT. You are in the right place. I am here to share the hard-earned wisdom that allowed me to work part time while making a full-time income as a photographer. My goal is to teach passionate creatives the SECRETS OF STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY without selling out as an artist.

Stock Photo Mindshift


WELCOME ! On each day of this FREE 5-day mini course, you will discover 5 of the biggest myths about stock photography.

  • Stock Photography is a STYLE of photography
  • Stock Photography is BAD for the industry
  • Licensing images as Stock is bad for my PORTFOLIO
  • Stock Photos are BAD QUALITY
  • It’s too late to MAKE MONEY in Stock Photography

If you think stock photography is all about smug looking models laughing while eating a salad but you can forget those salad bowl clichés right now!

   * * *   COMING NOVEMBER 2017   * * *

3 Stock sites in 3 days

READY TO JUMP IN?  In this FREE 3 day mini-course, you will get all the knowledge need to APPLY AS A CONTRIBUTOR and maximise your chances of being accepted. We will focus on the 3 biggest agencies so you can get ready to monetize your photography ASAP. In a concise yet understandable way, we will cover:

  • Stock agencies EXCLUSIVITY
  • TECHNICAL requirement of Stock agencies
  • Getting your PHOTOGRAPHS READY
  • Applying as CONTRIBUTOR on Stock sites
  • I’ve been accepted, NOW WHAT?!

Looking for Advanced Courses? 

I’m working hard to bring valuable content to artists. 

Coming Winter 2018

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